The beginning

I have talked about, thought about, dreamed about the idea of having my own food blog for quite some time. There isn’t a morning that goes by that I don’t scroll through TasteSpotting as soon as I go to my computer (surprisingly it’s not my homepage….yet) I browse through food blog after food blog admiring and being inspired by all the creations, time and dedication.

Truly I am an amateur baker/cook who just happens to have a passion and drive for being in a (pink) kitchen surrounded by appliances, measuring utensils and random ingredients.

How am I supposed to compete with bloggers who have the ability to photograph floating brownies when I’ve relied on my iphone to photograph things I’ve made? But I’ve grown to realize that competition is not what this is about.

When it comes to cooking there is always room to grow, learn, improve and share along the way  I am ready to enter and embrace this online community that until now, I have only felt a distant connection to. Let the (pink) journey begin!


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